PRC 11 ( PRC 2018 ) Proposals By TSUTF full details in Telugu

PRC 11 ( PRC 2018 ) Proposals By TSUTF full details in Telugu

Scale of pay:

       As you are aware every post carries a scale of pay with a minimum of the scale, annual increments and maximum. The erstwhile State of A.P. Government introduced the concept of Master Scale, it is often said that with the introduction of the Master scale, the concept of pay scale does not have much relevance particularly, to those who are in service. But the craze for the pay scale continues and the demands for a higher scale of pay go on unabated. Very often the employees compare their scale with their counterparts and feel that they get a raw deal in the matter of pay scale. With this, the successive Pay Revision Commissions of erstwhile state of A.P. and the Anomalies Committees repeatedly analysing the pay scales.

(a) The pay scale is sort of compensation or remuneration, but the employees seems to be giving much prominence to the pay scale? please indicate your view on this aspect.

(b) In your view what should be the parameters for determining a Pay scale for a                          particular category?

( C ) If you are representing a Service Association or heading a department what scales do you suggest for the categories you are representing or the categories under your control based on the parameters mentioned above. Give justification.


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